The Magical Allure

The woman as a body, as erotic staging, as an admission of any sensation, remains in Mik's Lelman Photography intact in its entirety. Nothing slippery nothing inferior or pornographic adheres to his images. He works and modeled with light and shadow, he stages the highly decorated female body very aesthetically and he creates a delicate insight into the possibilities of gestural and seductive movements of women…

The photographs of Mik Lelman are the results of interesting compositions and subtle perception. With passionate empathy and (equally) distance he approaches to the "woman and her secrets". He tries not to expose this or to play himself as a voyeur in the foreground. Instead, he is watching the woman as an individual in her sense, sensuality and seduction.

Nudity is a big and important topic in art photography and painting. By all genres and eras the naked body of human is been exposed. Nudity, as an emotion, as an expression and as an aesthetic form has always been the source of inspiration for art.

In our imagery, there are three different forms of nudity. Once the full nude body, one might also call the "naked act". The naked body as a fragment corresponds to the abstraction and anonymity and a third category of so-called "semi-nude" or "covered act". In this version, the parts of the body are exposed to accessories such as lighting, clothes and fetishes of all kinds.

The aesthetic value of nude photography is always based on an artistic claim and in the ideal case of human respect. What is, however, perceived as "respectable or even decent", depends on the cultural values of their societies.

Mik Lelman answers in terms of its half-nudes are sensitive visual confessions. He's all about, "not to show everything what is shown." The secret remains in his images. The physical naked body of the woman is not called exhibitionist flaunting because Lelman remains in his search for beauty as a silent observer who stages, sensual feminity ...
MIK LELMAN, Art-Photographer.
Was born in 1962 Ourmia, Iran. He lives and works in Kiev and Paris.

Mik Lelman is a photographer whose images capture an often surprising and spontaneous vitality in even the most powerful icons of beauty and culture.

His portraits of artists, celebrities and of those in fashion are characterized by not only excellent lighting but refined compositions. He has had the privilege of working with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood, Ellie Saab and French luxury jewelry designer Victoire de Castelanne, just to name a few. For years, the photographer has realized various projects and provided cover images for well-known fashion magazines. He has also created advertising images and music clips for diverse clients.

To Lelman, photography is about the concept, the reasoning behind the image is far more important than the aesthetic value. All of his work has a reason, whether to inform, make a statement, discuss or open the mind of the viewer to greater imagery, it always seeks to promote a reaction. This particular body of work looks at the fashion industry's idealistic view of beauty, whilst taking inspiration from inspiration and beauty itself.

Mik Lelman is not only a photographer and filmmaker, he is also a humanitarian. His most recent documentary "God's Lost Children", about the forgotten children in the squalid orphanages in Ukraine and Russia, has won him wide positive critical claim. These are evidences of his profoundly humanistic commitment and impressive evidence of a photographer who roams the world not only with the sharp eyes of a lynx, but first and foremost, for the people who have to live where the light of the sun rarely shines.

Not only Mik has been photographing since 1988, but he is also an independent filmmaker, leading him to open the largest glass house studio in Munich. Housing client work such as AMG, Sony, Jon Bon Jovi, Freddie Mercury, Madonna and Maxwell just to name a few. When it comes to fashion and fashion photography, Lelman has worked with some of the greatest names in fashion history all around the world.